Pointer Dog Training

german-shorthaired-pointerHi and welcome to Pointer Dog Training, the site where we aim to give you fantastic information on this intelligent, hard working, beautiful and loving breed.

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Pointer dogs are perhaps one of the boldest and most intelligent breeds on the planet and this becomes evident when you spend just a short time in their presence. If you’re lucky enough to watch this dog in action as it works in the field then there superior nature becomes even more obvious.

However training and instilling obedience will take a careful approach due to their active minds and boundless energy. Teach this type of dog to do something wrong or train them incorrectly and it can take a long time to reverse. But get everything right and they are simply incredible.

Energetic behaviour comes naturally to these dogs so providing exercise as well as mental stimulation ensures they remain fit both mentally and physically. A lack of exercise can enable Pointers to become frustrated and bored, with this often comes hyperactivity and destruction, however if you can harness their natural enthusiasm this turns them into the greatest of family pets, to hunting dogs and even guard dogs capable of working in a pack or on their own.

What a breed, right? Oh yes!

And hopefully here you will be able to find all of the information and more that you’re going to need in order to train and enjoy every minute of this fantastic dog.
Whether you have an English or German Shorthaired Pointer, whether you need them to be domesticated or hunters, pack animals or lone thinkers, if you enjoy reward based training and early training methods it’s all here!

If it’s not, just drop us a line and we will endeavour to get it online as quickly as possible.


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