Pointer Dog Breed and Temperament Information

Are you contemplating about getting a Pointer Dog Breed but then you are not too sure about the safety of doing so since you are yet clueless about its temperament? Well, read this article and you will surely find the answers to your questions as to whether this breed of dog is the one for you or not:

1. Intelligent
This breed of dog is superiorly intelligent because it manifests the ability to be very cooperative and at the same time easy to train. What is more, it is known to have a very independent character which makes it very appropriate for owners who are proficient in handling or training a Pointer dog.

2. Bold
This dog’s boldness is actually evident in the way they hunt. In fact, he can dare run for many hours without getting tired. These dogs are also well-known for being a thorough hunter. In other words, he is not only up to chasing birds but every other kind of animal out there. Since Pointer dogs are a sporting breed, he is usually visible in fields and shows.

3. Affectionate 
They can be very warm, loving, loyal, friendly, fun to be with and most of all; very demonstrative that makes them an ideal dog for families with children. But then again, just like with any other dog, care must be ensured when there are kids as these dogs can also be very rowdy and get easily excited especially when they are still of young age. What is more, the Pointer Dog Breed loves interacting with people and can easily fall in love with a family that will give him the attention he needs.

4. Distracted And Distractive
Two of the negative traits of a Pointer dog are that he can easily get distracted and at the same time frustrated. Because Pointer dogs are excellent watchdogs, they can easily blend with other breeds. But then, because of their nature to be energetic, it is necessary for the owner to give them a lot of exercise otherwise they may become very destructive. You see; insufficient exercises or improper training can bring about hyperactivity or destructive tendencies in these dogs.

Overall, they are good-natured and friendly and will be the happiest when taken in by a family especially one where there are children. They can adjust to new environments without any effort but then expect that they can also be somewhat shy when in the company of strangers. Just like with any other breed of dogs, taking are of the  Pointer dogs requires that you show them you are Alpha or the Master because first and foremost, these dogs are known for being very forceful and unbending.

If you own a Pointer Dog Breed but then you are aware that you are not that proficient in taking care of such breed, then you might just suddenly find yourself in deep trouble one day. In other words, make sure you know your capabilities in handling a particular breed of dogs before finally deciding to get one. That way, you will be skilled about properly managing and training them.