German Wirehaired Pointer Training Tips and Methods

If you own a German Wirehaired Pointer, you will know that it is actually very easy to train such dogs. They can easily learn new tricks and commands. But of course you will also need to know a little about German Wirehaired Pointer Training to efficiently train yours. If you do not have the skills to train your German Wirehaired Pointer yet, then make sure you read this article from start to finish:

1. Be Consistent
One thing for sure, this breed has the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new tricks. In other words, training them should not give you hard time at all. What is more, since this breed will gain maturity only when it reaches two years old, make it a point to show consistency n training as early as possible.

 2. Should Start Early During Puppy Hood
Training should start as early as your dog’s puppy days. For one, they will show signs of separation anxiety when left all by themselves for a long period of time so it is bets to train them that they will be separated from you from time to time while they are still puppies. To do this, try socializing them from puppy hood days to maturity days with other dogs and other humans as well. That way, you will be able to address their tendencies to become cautious of strangers in the future.

3. Be Firm
You will need to be very firm especially when it comes to housebreaking. You see; the German Wirehead Pointer dogs are very difficult to train when it comes to training. That is why it is necessary to keep them confined in a small room where there are doors to enter and exit.

In addition, you will need to show them that you are the Alpha or Master. Otherwise, you might just end up having a hard time training them. These dogs are also known for being easy to frustrate when they get bored. To avoid this, give them sufficient exercises to tire them out. Be unyielding with your commands. Start with the Basic Obedience Training and make sure you are always firm in giving orders. Or else, you might just find them barking all the time and chewing on your things.

4. Give Lots Of High-Level Activities
Since this breed is all about a muscular type of dog, you can expect that such dogs are very sturdy and meant to do hunting all their life. Their energy seems boundless that is why it would be very good to give them strenuous exercises everyday. In doing so, you can be certain that they will be less high-strung and fidgety staying indoor. Make sure to tire them out especially if you have children at home so that you will not be so challenged with having to keep up with the dogs’ hyperactivity.

In final analysis, German Wirehaired Pointer Training can also be very easy. But that is, if you will follow the right techniques in training your German Wirehaired Pointer. Stick to the tips provided here and you will surely be able to train your dog like a professional in no time.

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