German Shorthaired Pointer Training Tips and Techniques

Do you by any chance have a German Shorthaired Pointer as a pet dog? If you do, then it is a must that you know the basics of German Shorthaired Pointer Training. Or else you might just get caught in trouble taking care of a breed of dog you hardly know how to manage. Here are some tips about training these kinds of dogs that you must know:

1. Basic Obedience Training
Being naturally intelligent dogs, they welcome training with open arms. You can actually see their enthusiasm while being taught the Basic Obedience Training commands such as sit down, stay, come, heel, up. What is good about these dogs is that they can easily pick up what you are teaching them.

Other traits on top of Basic Obedience Training that should be enhanced in this breed include those of being gentle and obedient; affectionate and domesticated and definitely not always on the hunt. You see, these dogs have the feeling that they are always out to hunt for smaller animals. With proper training, they can also learn how to be warm and loving with a family of human beings.

2. Reward-Based Training
In addition, these dogs are more geared towards learning through positive
training such as giving out rewards or incentives when they do something good or they easily pick up what you are teaching them. Keep in mind that this breed does not enjoy training by force, intimidation or fear. What is more expect that there will be a problem when asking them to “come” especially when in the park because they can easily get distracted. For this, it becomes necessary never to forget bringing lots of doggie treats with you.  That way, you can be certain your commands will always be followed.

3. Early Training
Keep in mind that early training with these kinds of dogs is mandatory. You see, although the German Shorthaired Pointer dogs are very effortless to train, they can also be very stubborn at times. For this, training them will require a lot of your attention because most especially that they are so easy to get unfocused. This may be attributed to the fact that they have a superior sense of smelling that every time they smell something different, their attention gets easily diverted.

4. Action-Packed Training
Last but not least, because these dogs have the natural ability to move about so quickly and with so much strength, it is a must that German Shorthaired Pointer Training for your dog be filled with a lot of exercises and high-level activities. Through these, they will eventually get exhausted and all worn-out despite having the very strong hind legs for which they are known for. In other words, you will have to give him regular activities that he will need to do on a regular basis. If you have children in the family, make certain that utmost care is ensured so that there will be no accidents or whatsoever between these high-energy pointer dogs and your children.

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