German Shorthaired Pointer Separation Anxiety

In case you did not know, it is actually very common among Pointer dogs to experience some separation anxieties especially when they are suddenly left alone by their owners. One of them is the German Shepherd Pointer which quickly goes through the so-called German Shorthaired Pointer separation anxiety as soon as left alone by his Master. As a matter of fact, they do not like it when their owners leave them for a long time. So if you have a German Shepherd Pointer, make sure you know some tips on what you can do to alleviate their separation anxiety:

1. Know First About The Illness
But then what is really separation anxiety all about? It would be wise to first understand what the illness is all about so that you may know well how to go about helping your dog. You will know your dog is showing signs of separation anxiety when you come home from work and you just find your couch all broken and bitten by your dog. You see, the minute you leave the house  and they find themselves alone, they get so stressed, upset and at the same time confused so they resort to whining, barking and constant biting.

2. Socialize Your Dog To Alleviate The Anxiety
First and foremost, socialize your dogs. Since they are naturally inclined to be in packs, they hate it when they are left alone what more when confined in the four corners of your home.  What is more, if your dog has little or no confidence left in himself, there is a chance that he will manifest some signs of separation anxiety. Address this by giving your dog the assurance that you arte coming back and make sure you have something for him when you return.

3. Give Him Lots OF Exercise
Make it known to your dog that you have all the intention of coming back home. Make him realize when you are leaving and when you are back in the house. That way, he will get used to it and eventually get rid of the separation anxiety that is causing him to keep barking, whining and biting on your couch. To get rid of the problem, give him ample exercise routines so that his stress and frustrations will all be relieved.

4. Leave Chew Toys Or Tugs
Likewise, make it a point that you will also leave him with some toys he can bite and chew on while you are gone.  Buy him chew bones so that he will be busy while you are out the whole day and he will not even notice that you were gone for a long time. That will be enough to sustain him while he is all by himself in your house.

5. Leave Him Some Music
Last but not least, leave the radio on near your German Shorthaired Pointer so that he will be able to hear the music and therefore he will be entertained especially that you are not there with him. With the DJ talking on the radio, your dog will get the feeling that there is someone with him after all. Then, you can be sure that he will not have any of such German Shorthaired Pointer separation anxiety again!

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