German Shorthaired Pointer Aggression

When trying to raise a dog from a puppy, you need to find out what is good about your dog and what is their weak spot. Understanding how your dog reacts with or around other animals is very important. You will need to know this so that you will know what steps need to be taken. German shorthaired pointer dogs are primarily hunting dogs. Therefore they are to sniff out other animals or whatever it is made to find. This breed dog has a very high energy level which requires him to need an equal owner.

German shorthaired pointers are not an aggressive breed of dogs. They are very friendly toward strangers. Too much exposure can cause your dog to bark or do some destructive chewing. Now while some of these dogs get along with strange dogs, there are some that can be very aggressive. Most dogs of this breed seem to be cat chasers. When you are working with this dog, you must teach or emphasize self-discipline and self-control.

Now as we look at German shorthaired pointer aggression, we would like to point out how you can avoid getting a dog with some negative traits. This can be done by making sure you have a dog that is from the same breed. Another way to avoid bad traits is properly training and raising your dog the correct way. If you are getting an adult dog, make sure he has not showed a negative trait. These are just a few pointers to keep you looking towards the right direction.

Make sure when you examine your dog for signs of possible German shorthaired pointer aggression. Some of these dogs are very aggressive toward dogs that are of the same sex. The reason this dog has to be watched in that area is because he is a hunting dog. Most dogs of this breed enjoy chasing and seizing cats or other creatures that are fleeing.

Another thing you need to be aware of is the conflict between the dogs of the same house hold. They can become aggressive toward each other. Try not to spoil your dog during his early part of life because this causes them to be bitter among other animals and they may even bite people. Make sure your dog has as much needed space as possible. Anyone would get agitated after being caged in a room for a certain length of time with no freedom to go out.

In order to cut down or to help with your German shorthaired pointer aggression is to start early giving him the proper training and teaching. This can help you and your dog in the long run as he grows older.

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