English Pointer Training Tips and Methods

Do you have an English Pointer dog but then you are worried about training him because you do not know the basics of English Pointer Training? Do not be. This article will give you a lot of insights about how to properly coach your dog to be the behaved and well-trained English Pointer you would like him to be. Here are just a few of them to once and for all help you get started with your training:

1.  Increase Level Of Activity
Since all Pointer dogs are known to be a very energetic breed of dogs, it is necessary that you give them laborious exercises that can make them all worn out in the end. Otherwise, their unused energy might just be diverted to destructive behaviors such as barking a lot and chewing and biting on almost everything they see. For this, you will really need to boost their mental stimulation as well as their physical activity. Try letting him run around a fenced yard or perhaps while he is on a long leash.

2. Train In A Quiet Place
Make it a point that when you train your English Pointer dog, you are doing it in a very quiet place. In that way, you will avoid getting your dog distracted which is actually the most common weakness of these dogs. Also, make sure that you will never go out with your dog for training when you know that you are not feeling well; or perhaps you are a little bit upset about someone or something. Lastly, make certain that the training will be done in a brief period of time only so as not to bore your dog so much.

3. Basic Obedience Method
This method is actually the most basic training program that every dog owner should teach his dog.  With this method, you will  train your dog how to follow the simplest of instructions such as come, go, stay, walk, heel, stand, come and countless others. This is highly recommended for all kinds of dogs so that they may become a part of the family aside from being hunters of the world.

4. Positive Reinforcement Method
What is more, the training should be started during the dog’s puppyhood days. Yes, teach your English Pointer Basic Obedience while he is still a puppy because for one, the learning rate of this kind of dog is low and the obedience is not even high, but just medium. But then make sure you sue the positive reinforcement approach because these dogs do not like being taught out of control, force or punishment.

Above all these tips take care that you make the training as simple, short and as fun as possible so that your dog can easily absorb the basic skills as taught by Basic Obedience and the other methods. But then again, if you feel that you are not yet that proficient about carrying out an English Pointer Training for your dog, then simply hire the services of a professional dog coach.