English Pointer Aggression

English Pointer Aggression

Why there are so many people that believe dogs are like humans? They think that English pointers supposed to act or behave like an adult. Now they are finding out that this is not true. English pointers have behavior problems just as other dogs. These dogs must be trained and taught obedience. These days, owning a pet dog is the best thing that anyone could do. English pointers are good dogs to have around but they need a little guidance. Aggression is commonly found in English points because they are dogs of the wild. English pointer aggression is their way of survival.

This breed of a dog is known to do serious harm to both animals as well as humans. Owners of these dogs are not helpless. You can handle your English pointer is done in the proper manner. There are some steps that can be taken in order to keep this aggression under complete control. If you recognize your dog as being aggressive, then you need to immediately taking actions to help.

Now there are two known types of aggressions for this type dog. These two types are aggression that is shown toward strangers and the aggression that aims towards the family members. Let us take a closer look into details of the difference between these two aggressions. When the English pointer aggression is aimed at the stranger, the dog is always on alert. You may find him pacing back and forth barking. He will not attack, unless he feels the need. The reason this happens to be because these dogs are not comfortable being around strangers.

They rely on you for their full protection from others. To over this, English pointers are going to need to be around other people as often as possible in a relaxed or fun environment. This will give him the sense to loosen up and be at ease around others.

The other type of English pointer aggression is toward family members because he feels as though he has to defend something. He sometimes sees you as a threat to something he has or to him. Many times, the kind of treatment you give to your dog will cause him to act a certain way. Try to change your technique to help him adapt to your protection but constant teaching. The English pointer breed sees you as no different as a dog pack.

In order for your dog to overcome this aggression, it will require consistence, work on obedience. He has to understand that you are the owner and things are going to be done your way and not his way.  Train your dog constantly and make sure you get to understand him as well.

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